What makes a Pet Friendly Dog Fence?

Dogs, cats, reptiles and farm animals are popular pets in Southern California. Each type of pet requires outdoor space to roam in, and have a little time in the out-of-doors.

Pet owners should know that the type of fencing that composes a pet enclosure can have radical effects on a pet’s wellness.

pet friendly dog fence

Eliminating Hot Spots With Vinyl Fencing

Nervous and high-energy pets like to rub their bodies on any available surface. For most pets, this means rubbing against a wire mesh fence. In some cases, it means having to rub on the ground if only a neck chain is present. Excessive rubbing and pacing can cause “hot spots” on a pet’s skin. This is what happens when fur and skin are exposed to rough fencing surfaces. These hot spots can be painful, and can cause infection accompanied by expensive vet bills.

Installing a vinyl pet fence is the answer to eliminating the possibility of a pet developing hot spots. Vinyl is a strong, yet smooth material used in many types of fencing. For pets, vinyl is a non-threatening material that is pleasant to live with, and never presents the opportunity to inflict self-harm. The fence surface that vinyl creates won’t stop pets from expressing their emotions, but it will provide a safe surface when they act out.

Customize Vinyl Fencing To Each Pets Unique Needs

Some pets are strong and need reinforced enclosures. Vinyl fencing is made with high-tensile materials and is appropriate for all breeds. Some pets like to jump and climb. Vinyl pet fencing can be customize for any height, or connected with a cool and visually pleasing roof structure. What about digging? Vinyl pet fencing holds-up under extreme weather conditions and all types of corrosion. This fencing can be set into concrete abutments, or anchored into the ground. For that special pet, vinyl fencing is also ideal for installation of electric and sonic equipment for training.

The family pet deserves the best materials for their outdoor playgrounds. Vinyl is, without exception, the best type of fencing for designing a comfortable and safe pet enclosure.

It’s time to provide the family pet with fencing that eliminates the possibility for harm, and will look appropriate with a home’s other features.

Vinyl Concepts welcomes Southern California pet owners to call with questions about vinyl pet fencing, and how they can order a custom fence. Visit a Vinyl Concepts showroom to gain an appreciation for the attractiveness and versatility of complete pet fencing units.