Vinyl Gazebos Contractor

Gazebos are freestanding outdoor structures often found in city parks, apartment courtyards and home backyards. Their distinctive round open design allows the wind to flow from all directions, and their domed roof provides plenty of shade.

Vinyl Concepts is an award-winning gazebos contractor in Southern California recognized for building and installing custom vinyl gazebos.

We will handle every aspect of your new gazebo project from start to finish, including the removal of your old gazebo if necessary.

If you already have a gazebo design in mind for a specific purpose, or prefer to let our professionals share their ideas, we can accommodate any special need. The possibilities for us to create a custom vinyl gazebo are endless!

Photos of Vinyl Concepts Gazebos

Browse these beautiful photos of vinyl gazebos built and installed by Vinyl Concepts in Southern California. Call us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to speak to a highly trained representative who can explain how a vinyl gazebo can enhance an outdoor living space with a luxurious, old fashioned allure.

Why Choose Vinyl instead of Wood

Most people think gazebos can only be made of wood. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Vinyl can be an alternate building material and offers many advantages over wood.

  • No rotting, fading, cracking, peeling or discoloring
  • No sanding, painting or staining required

Traditional gazebos built with lumber require a lot of work to preserve its natural look and feel. Vinyl is a flexible material that simple isn’t susceptible to the disadvantages of wood like infestation and decay. Vinyl comes in a broad range of styles and colors, including a simulated wood, which will have that classic gazebo look without any of the maintenance.

Outdoor Living with Gazebos

It’s very important for Southern California residents be able to enjoy outdoor activities year round even when it rains. How and when they plan to use their gazebo varies but usually it’s either for entertaining and dining outdoors. However we have built and installed vinyl gazebos in gardens and pool areas for a purely aesthetic effect, or for a custom application like a hot tub and spa.

Gazebos can also serve as a peaceful and reflective outdoor space usually located further away from the main patio area. Many customers have told us they love their gazebos as a relaxing place to read, write, meditate, pray, yoga or tai-chi.

Let us know how we can help extend your outdoor living needs with a vinyl gazebo, patio cover, pergola, pavilion, arbor or trellis. Since 1997, Vinyl Concepts has built and installed gazebos of all sizes for homeowners, HOAs and property managers of apartment complexes and office buildings.

It’s also important to mention that real estate brokers and agents will agree that gazebos can boost home values. Investing in a vinyl gazebo can easily pay for itself when you’re trying to sell your home in the highly competitive Southern California real estate market.

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