Vinyl Patio Covers Contractor

Vinyl Concepts builds and installs stunning vinyl patio covers for homeowners, property management companies and HOAs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas of Orange County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County.

We fabricate our vinyl patio covers in our own factories to fit each job site. This insures optimum performance for high quality, low maintenance vinyl patio covers in a wide assortment of colors.

Standard and custom vinyl patio covers in various styles, heights and configurations are no problem for our patio cover contractors. Virtually any patio cover style that can be made out of wood or aluminum can be made out of vinyl. The styles are only limited by your imagination.

Styles of Vinyl Patio Covers

Browse these styles of patio covers built and installed by Vinyl Concepts in Southern California. Call us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to speak to a highly trained representative who can explain how each patio cover style accents or defines property areas and landscape structures.

Adjustable Top

open view adjustable vinyl patio cover

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Picket Top

picket top vinyl patio cover

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Louvered Top

louvered top vinyl patio cover

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Comfort Shade

comfort shade vinyl patio cover

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Mixed & Custom

mixed custom vinyl patio cover

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3 Reasons to Choose a Vinyl Patio Cover Replacement

If you own a wood patio cover you know how tedious and repetitive it can be to maintain it. Scraping, prepping and repainting a wooden fence is a lot of work and can be expensive if you hire someone to do it. Plus, a wood patio cover can attract termites. If left untreated, your wood fence could be destroyed

Replacing it with a vinyl patio cover is a smarter alternative.

  1. Many Design Options. Set your new patio cover apart from the others in your community. Whether traditional or modern, practical or safe, design options are limited only by your imagination.
  2. Keep Your Home Cool. Installing a patio cover facing south and west can help reduce solar heat glare from entering windows and glass doors. Your home will become cooler because the patio cover is reflecting the sun’s direct rays away.
  3. Avoid Termites and Rot. Termites can’t eat vinyl so they will stay away. Plus vinyl does not absorb moisture so it will not decay, rust or rot like wood.

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Locations for a Vinyl Patio Cover Installation

Where you decide to install a vinyl patio cover depends on a range of factors such as privacy, security and aesthetics. Below are the most common locations we install our vinyl patio covers for customers that want to enhance their property.

  • Back of house
  • Over patio
  • Over deck
  • Outdoor sitting area

  • In an atrium
  • In a courtyard
  • Over a barbecue
  • Over a spa

  • Side of house
  • Front of house
  • Over doors
  • Over windows

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