Dog Fencing Ideas – Dog Doors, Windows

Dog fencing is usually constructed from traditional chainlink, wire mesh and other ugly building materials. At Vinyl Concepts, we believe they disrupt the natural appearance and attractiveness of a home.

A vinyl dog fence is a smarter, more attractive option. It doesn’t interrupt a property’s appeal and provides a more comfortable pet space.

  • Custom vinyl dog fences are modular, and can fit any area designated for the family dog.
  • Unlike metal wire, vinyl is a safe material that will not harm a dog that likes to lick, rub and scratch.
  • A vinyl dog fence can be constructed to meld seamlessly or share a similar theme with a vinyl fence, gate or patio cover.
  • Vinyl dog fences work great with any ground surface (concrete, soil, grass) that your dog enjoys.

Customize a Vinyl Gate with Dog Doors and Windows

A very popular option for a single swing gate or double swing gate is the custom installation of dog doors and windows.

We can custom design any door size to match your dog’s height.

We can also add a window along any portion of your vinyl gate’s base length.

As far as doggie door and window design ideas go, choices are only limited by your imagination.

Screen patterns and traditional pickets are most common, especially when the homeowner wants it to match with their fence or gate design.

Share Your Dog Fencing Design Idea

Please call us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our SoCal showrooms listed below. A representative will be happy to discuss dog fencing design ideas for your home or commercial property.

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