Vinyl Fence Colors

Many people are familiar with the white vinyl fencing but often ask about other vinyl fence colors that are available.  Our wide variety of colors are well made. They do not experience excessive fade outdoors like many plastics.

We stock the following vinyl colors: White, Tan, Maple, Greystone, and Redwood. Our stock aluminum fence color is Slate.

Disclaimer: Due to different computer monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the pictures.


White vinyl color

White is still the most popular color. Neutral with whatever color your house is or will be.


Tan vinyl color

Tan is a medium light, fairly neutral color. Available in nearly all styles and sizes.


Maple vinyl color

Maple is a variegated color with streaks to emulate wood. The natural variation offers a more natural color to blend with various landscape.


Greystone vinyl color

Greystone is a variegated gray/silver color with streaks to emulate a modern look.


Redwood vinyl color

Redwood color for a darker, more natural look.


Slate aluminum color

Slate is a solid gray color for our aluminum fences only.