Vinyl Adjustable Patio Cover Design Ideas, Pictures

An adjustable vinyl patio cover is the best choice for controlling the amount of sun or shade. Unlike other patio cover styles, the “adjustable” design provides more flexibility. It simply means that the louvered tops are not at a “fixed” angle.

Customers going with an adjustable patio cover very often have very specific reasons. For example, one customer told us they needed a means to control how much sun their patio plants and flowers got throughout the day!

We make everything in house so nearly any size is available. Plus, you can choose your adjustable patio cover in white or tan.

Photos of Adjustable Patio Cover Installations

Browse photos of adjustable vinyl patio cover installations by Vinyl Concepts. Contact us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to see more photos.

Options for Adjustable Patio Covers

We can accessorize an adjustable patio cover with a wide selection of options. Options include skylights, fans, LED lights, heaters, and can even be designed to carry solar panels. Contact us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to view pictures of these accessories.

Adjustable Louvers Built Strong From Quality Materials

Adjustable louver patio covers provide the correct amount of shade and the correct amount of sun, when you want it. It is essentially an opening roof system.

You can change the louvers from closed and watertight to fully open with the sun shining through in in seconds, all at the touch of a button.

In our vinyl framework we use high quality aluminum extrusion louvers powered by a high quality, super quiet, low voltage electric motor. The low voltage is supplied using a transformer similar to landscape lighting. The motor(s) are controlled by a control panel that is operated by either remote control or a three way toggle switch.

We construct the posts and framework using our high quality vinyl extrusions which carry a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty. The posts and frame are coated with a baked on polyester enamel finish in either white or tan color like the louvers. The framework is all reinforced using heavy duty galvanized steel supports, custom designed by us to fit our system. The galvanized supports do not rust and make the cover extremely strong. They meet all building codes, including commercial codes requiring 20 lb live load.

The louvers are extruded using 6063 aluminum alloy for high strength and corrosion resistance. They are 8.5″ wide and can be up to 11’4″ wide to provide a 12′ wide bay. We can make patio covers wider by adding extra bays or sections.

Each bay or section consists of the louvers which pivot on heavy duty Delrin pins which ride in an aluminum channel attached to the inside of the framework. The channel is attached with two screws for each pivot point – one on each side of the pivot point. The Delrin pins are super hard and do not wear out. All of the louvers are tied together with an aluminum bar which allows them all to be moved simultaneously. The pins and hardware are all stainless steel, creating and extremely strong system which will last for many years.

Also available is an optional rain sensor which will automatically close the louvers in case of rain.