Ventura Homeowner With A New Vinyl Patio Cover

Loving My Ventura Home & Its Vinyl Patio Cover

“I’ve been living in Ventura for six years and can’t say I’ve been happier, especially after working with Vinyl Concepts.

I’m a surfer. My kids are surfers and we were kiddy about the winter swells. My wife and I were thrilled with the untouched green spaces and the opportunity to spend weekend afternoons exploring without having to leave the area. There are great schools and so many venues for enjoying Ventura, even if just trolling downtown.

As you may have already guessed, getting outdoors means a lot to us. And Ventura County offered this in spades, even at home. While home shopping, we were determined we needed a good sized patio and a pool. We found the perfect place. My wife was imagining where we’d put her garden and furnishings. I already saw where the grill would go and how I’d set up a projector for movie night.

Create a patio you love...

There was only one problem and that was the patio cover. I could see it needed a lot of work. But the wife and kids loved the place enough to buy the house anyway. What tipped me to purchase was the conversation I had with someone at Vinyl Concepts. Our realtor gave me their name and number. I went into the showroom and talked with them about vinyl patio covers. And when I say “them,” I mean everyone there wanted to make sure I was comfortable and had all my questions answered.

The consultation and estimate were FREE, and when I started comparing, there was no denying for the investment I was going to get the best from Vinyl Concepts. They came in and did a fantastic job!

My patio is cooler with a vinyl patio cover. I can sit in the sun and tan or I can sit in the shade. Of course I’ve got people over all the time now, but I can live with that. :)”

– Vinyl Concepts satisfied customer from Ventura, CA