Vinyl Gates for Ventura

Looking at the Great Benefits of Vinyl Gates for Ventura

Maintaining a gate is an on-going expense and time consuming. One could minimize this with a quality vinyl gate. This option is becoming the go-to for homeowners and businesses that want a long term alternative to wood fencing.

Many argue that wood is the look. What they don’t talk about is wood gating:

  • Has a limited life of 10 to 15 years if routine maintenance is applied.
  • Decomposes with age, becoming susceptible to dry root and fungus.
  • Requires periodic painting.
  • Dries, fades, warps, sags, deforms and cracks.
  • May have no warranty because no installer wants to take responsibility for the natural aging and decomposition.
  • Is vulnerable to infestation.

Installers are so confident about vinyl gates they offer lifetime warranties. Unlike most gate options, painting isn’t required. They come in a variety of colors meaning you will likely find a style that fits your environment perfectly. With vinyl gates, there are no worries such as drying and cracking. Graffiti and other markings are easily removed with lacquer thinner or acetone.

Vinyl gates are also a great option if you’re near the beach or experience bouts of rain. Vinyl gates can hold up to salt water exposure, winds and rain, unlike wood which can break and collapse, or metal which can rust and rot. Lastly, vinyl gates are environmentally sound as they are not treated to hazardous and harmful chemicals to maintain appearance and life. There is also no waste involved in their manufacture.

Economically, vinyl is a more affordable choice compared to iron or wood. One can factor in long term savings as vinyl gates will need far less maintenance than other gating options. There’s no need to touch-up, repaint, prime or other treatments that keep gates looking new. There will also never be a worry of paying for exterminators to inspect and deal with termites, ants or other pests. Overall, the cost compared to something like wood cannot be measured.

Vinyl Gates – Best Choice for Ventura

Vinyl gates are attractive, long lasting, affordable and maximize property value. If you’re in the market to renovate your fencing, you need to call Vinyl Concepts for a free estimate or to stop at our showroom. We’ll show you why more and more Ventura residents are going with vinyl gates.