Vinyl Patio Covers For Thousand Oaks Homes

There is one thing in Thousand Oaks that turns any house structure into an unsightly mess. That one thing is reliable ol’ Mother Nature. Whether it’s insects and other pests, salty air, or smoke residue from wildfires in the hills, the most beautiful traditional patio cover materials are always subject to the elements. Wood and metals can be rated for time, but there really is no way to tell how long these materials will last. Vinyl on the other hand, is nearly impervious to the elements. It’s the ideal material for a treasured structure that the whole family enjoys.

Vinyl Is Pest-Proof

Insects like termites, ants, and beetles look for safe wooden structures in which to nest and lay eggs. Even when treated, wooden patio covers are both a food source and an inviting safe place for pest to multiply. Surface sprays take care of the scouting bugs, but cannot kill the nests lying deep within the wood. Once a patio cover section is rotten and eaten away, it must be replaced. Vinyl patio covers cannot be bored-out by insects. Their strong and smooth surfaces prevent insects from establishing nests.

Small birds also like to nest in wooden structures. The waste they leave behind can rot and stain a traditional patio cover. It is possible for birds to build on a vinyl patio cover, but the impenetrable surface doesn’t allow bird waste to penetrate. With a simple brush, nests can be removed or relocated, and the vinyl will always keep its new shine and color.

Vinyl Patio Covers For Thousand Oaks Homes

Patio Covers Made From Vinyl Resist Fungus

Mold and lichen spores are a danger for any surface. Once they are established, there are very few ways to get rid of them. Fortunately, vinyl patio cover material is sealed and reinforced at the microscopic level. Like stainless metals, vinyl presents a very difficult place for even mold spores to collect. At the first sign of any fungus, the even and consistent surface of vinyl allows a patio owner to quickly get rid of it.

Vinyl Patio Covers Are Made New Each Season

In the case of airborne residues like smoke and salt, vinyl behaves as if it was glass. Even after the most persistent fire season, once the fires in the hills are conquered, the residue can be conquered as well with an easy wash-down. The magic durability and restorative quality of vinyl for structures like patio covers, is unmatched.

When you are ready to have a patio cover that can weather anything Mother Nature throws at it, call Vinyl Concepts for a free estimate, and detailed description of the covers available. To see custom examples of the finest vinyl patio covers available in Thousand Oaks, visit our warehouse. You can’t stop Mother Nature, but you can successfully guard against her.