Glass Pool Fence Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks’ Best Glass Pool Fencing

If you happened to be home shopping in the Thousand Oaks area, you’re likely to find quite a few homes with glass pool fencing. More and more homeowners are loving the aesthetics this type of installation brings to the property.

Glass Pool Fence Thousand Oaks

A pool fence is first and foremost a preventative measure. Far too many accidents involve the pool and a fence is a surefire method for minimizing your risk. With a fence, you ensure no one can access the area without your permission.

It’s especially effective with children and pets, the unfortunate victims in the vast majority of pool accidents. Knowing you’ve installed a pool fence goes a long way with insurance companies.

One disadvantage of a pool fence is it has the potential to obscure the natural view of your property. When we and our guests step into the yard, we want to see the pool, not a fence. A glass pool fence won’t hinder your views. In fact, not only do glass fences allow the entire yard to be seen, it can make the space look bigger.

The greatest benefit to glass pool fences is they require little maintenance. These fences hold up because they are strengthened and treated to withstand great pressure. To keep their appearance, you only need a sponge or damp cloth, warm water, a liquid soap and your hose. A microfiber cloth is best for avoiding micro scratches on posts and railings.

Taking these benefits into account, installing a glass pool fence in your Thousand Oaks yard can’t be beat. This is especially true when you use a professional service like Vinyl Concepts. We have the experience in design, fitting and installation of glass pool fences you need. Come by our showroom and let us show you how to turn a vision into a striking reality.