Backyard Makeover Thousands Oaks

Thousand Oaks, Here’s Why We Love Patio Covers

Installing a patio cover gives your Thousand Oaks home the kind of makeover you want. One that enhances and changes the way you embrace your lifestyle.

Backyard Makeover For Thousands Oaks Homes

Patio covers are one of the most effective and affordable ways to improve everything about the home. They not only add to your property’s functionality, they increase resale value. To start, the patio cover extends your outdoor living space. It gives kids a safe place to play with limited UV exposure. A patio cover turns your spaces into shaded getaways, making relaxing under South Cali’s scorching sun bearable. Get a lattice patio cover and control how much shade and sun your patio receives. Enjoy as much sun as you want at your discretion and stop rainy days from keeping you inside.

Everyone knows that Thousand Oaks is a hop, skip and a grin away from some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. But imagine turning your patio into a nice little vacation. Imagine any time of the year being able to step outside without worrying about rain storms, or wet or hot furnishing. Give yourself a reason to spend less time burning the HVAC. Grab a laptop and get some work done, or read from your device without shifting to find the perfect position for dodging glare.

Are you beginning to see the big picture? Not only do patio covers give you, family and visitors greater reason to enjoy your home, it increases the resale value because potential shoppers will step outside and see what you’ve been basking in for years.

Stop minimizing what you can do with your outdoor spaces because the sun’s too much or it’s raining. Call Vinyl Concepts (805) 499-8154 and let our techs give you a FREE quote and the 411 on what makes patio covers perfect for Thousand Oaks.