Simi Valley’s Best Vinyl Patio Covers

Wake up any given day in Simi Valley with a plan. Visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and relive his historic leadership. Head over to the Lost Canyons Golf Club, surrounded by the majestic Santa Susana Mountains. Take the family to Skatelab for not just physical fun but a hall of fame devoted to the sport. The kids will love Scooter’s Jungle, and being a hop, skip and jump from the likes of Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Or maybe you’re a Simi Valley homeowner that can turn their day into an journey simply by opening the patio doors. And that adventure is enhanced because you have a vinyl patio cover.

Not sure what kind of patio cover you want

Vinyl patio covers give homeowners options, turning their outdoor spaces into year round environments. They help cut utility bills significantly, convincing you to spend less time inside burning the HVAC. Vinyl patio covers prevent your decks from warping and belongings from bleaching and fading under long term weather exposure. They minimize UV exposure. Vinyl patio covers let you sit outside during a mild to moderate rain.

So even if negative elements are stopping you from getting in the car, they don’t have to stop you from having a barbecue or entertaining guests on the patio. Keep the sun out of your eyes, the rain away from your cushions and pump up the value of your home all with an easy installation.

Vinyl Concepts is a local company that’s been providing Southern Cali with vinyl patio covers for 20 years. We use the best materials, the finest craftsmen and the most affordable pricing, as well as a warranty and guarantee you’re going to love what the final product does for your Simi Valley home. Give us a call today 805-499-8154, set up an appointment and get a FREE estimate for your vinyl patio cover.