Patio Covers Simi Valley

Get the Best Out of Your Simi Valley Home with a Patio Cover

Let’s take a moment to look at Simi Valley’s weather and why, if you don’t have one, your home could benefit from a patio cover.

If you enjoy your summers steamy and your winters mild, you’re going to love living in Simi Valley. The coldest month is usually January when weather can drop to a frigid 68 degrees (and, yes, we’re being factious). The warmest month on average is August, with a high of 96 degrees. You can expect maybe 25 days of rain with that downpour maxing out at around 17 inches.

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As much as you’re going to find this hard to swallow, sometimes the Simi Valley resident gets their fill of Simi Valley weather. There are days when homeowners choose to sit within their walls and run the a/c rather than subject themselves to the heat, regardless of how much they’d want to get out. And there’s been plenty of times when they had plans for their outdoor spaces and the rain force them to cancel.

We know. At Vinyl Concepts, we’ve heard the stories of not being able to deal with glare or going out and finding furnishings still wet after a rainfall. That’s when we bring out our portfolio of patio covers. A patio cover has a significant impact on the way you enjoy your outdoor environments. They prolong the life of your furnishings by minimizing the weather’s impact on them. Patio covers can noticeably cool an area and block off unwanted glare. They let you sit outside even during mild and moderate rains.

We can’t tell you how many Simi Valley projects we’ve added to our portfolio after sharing our past projects. Homeowners and contractors can’t deny the affordability and functionality of patio covers.

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