Expect the Best in Vinyl Patio Covers from Vinyl Concepts in Sherman Oaks

For all the info you Sherman Oaks residents need on vinyl patio covers, get in touch with the techs at Vinyl Concepts. While the material is fast becoming a popular option throughout Cali, we still can’t boast enough about its versatility and durability.

Vinyl Patio Covers from Vinyl Concepts

Unlike other materials, vinyl will never need priming or repainting. It requires almost no maintenance outside of the occasional mild soaping and rinsing with a hose. Vinyl has the potential to last five times longer than aluminum or metal. It will never succumb to the elements, where other materials will eventually rot, fade, chip, rust and more as they age and sustain exposure to the likes of the sun, wind and rain.

We’ve been in the business of providing vinyl patio covers for much of California for over 30 years. Our techs are trained, insured and fully certified, ready to turn your patio into a brand new environment. They understand the potential and long lasting performance of vinyl patio covers and how to use them to your advantage. That includes coming out to your property, performing a detailed evaluation, looking at your budget and then putting together a plan that realizes your vision. You can have a freshly shaded area that also protects your furnishings from prolonged exposure to the sun or rain.

Vinyl Concepts strives to stay ahead of the vinyl patio cover game. We’ve built a reputation in that regard one installation at a time.

Visit our showrooms and let us show you how we’ve improved the value, allure and functionality of many a property with vinyl patio covers. We can do the same for you. So if your home improvement project includes refreshing the back or front yard, give us a chance to show you why vinyl patio covers are the way to go.