Vinyl Patio Cover Santa Rosa Valley

“Glad We Got a Vinyl Patio Cover for Our Santa Rosa Home!”

We moved to Santa Rosa Valley for a number of reasons. My wife used to visit her grandmother here and always imagined our grandchildren would visit us in a place like Santa Rosa. Close enough to the city where we could visit museums and amusement parks, but out far enough that we didn’t subject ourselves to the urban sights and sounds we wanted to escape. Her health was a factor too.

visually appealing patio cover

When we saw our new home that first time, we fell in love. My wife loved the garden. I loved the idea of all this space after living in a two bedroom apartment.

Of course, every rose has its thorns. My wife’s condition required minimal exposure to sun. A bit of a wedge in her plan to keep up a garden. So we sought out a better way to enjoy our patio without being in the sun for long periods of time.

One of the companies we talked with was Vinyl Concepts. In terms of price and design, they easily beat out the competition. But what we really appreciated was their knowledge. They talked to us about a vinyl patio cover. How it significantly cut down our exposure to UV rays. How it shaded the area, making it cooler, guaranteeing we could sit outside longer without overexposure. To make a long story short, everything about vinyl patio covers seemed perfect.

I’m glad we put our trust in Vinyl Concepts. From the FREE estimate to being able to enjoy our patio during the rain without everything getting soaked, everything they told us turned out to be on the money. The garden’s beautiful and getting the sun it needs. We sit under the vinyl patio cover whenever the grandkids visit, watching them run and play. And I watch my wife smile as we live the life we’ve always dreamed of.