Santa Paula Vinyl Fence

Cost Savings Alone Are Worth A Vinyl Fence Installation In Santa Paula

The well-preserved rural nature of Santa Paula is rich in expansive groves, and is home to some of the most beautiful properties in California. Fencing individual growing ranges and property lines can be extremely expensive using traditional wood and paint construction. Vinyl fencing is a preferred way of having uniform fence construction, with an endless selection of designs and colors, and avoided replacement costs down the road.

Expense Comparisons of Traditional And Vinyl Fencing

According to several reputable national sources, a homeowner can expect a custom vinyl fence to cost much less per lineal foot, than a traditional wood or steel fence. On average, the ratio is about 3:1. This includes design, materials and labor. Labor for traditional fences alone will likely exceed the cost of a complete vinyl fence that is fabricated complete with attractive details. It’s worth contacting Vinyl Concepts to find out through a project quote, exactly how much can be saved.

Not sure what kind of fence you want

Traditional fences must also be painted, treated, bolted, gated, and replaced about every 7-10 years because of rotting materials. Vinyl fences never degrade due to weathering, and they are made with features that look much more expensive than they are. In the long run, traditional decorative and property border fences will cost far more than customized vinyl.

Smart And Economic Fence Choices

The beauty of the well-planned and historic properties in Santa Paula deserves to be outlined with quality fencing. Vinyl fence patterns can be customized with added features enhancing a property’s theme. This includes types of crops grown within the borders, a cultural heritage, HOA recommendations, or simply an owner’s preference.

Our company offers a detailed free estimate for vinyl fence projects. We also love Santa Paula residents to decide on their favorite vinyl fencing after a guided tour of the available designs in our showroom. Give your property and “edge” with a custom vinyl fence this year.