Santa Barbara Homeowners, Vinyl Patio Covers Change Everything!

Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara is the longest section of coastline in the United States. To get an idea of the kind of weather its resident enjoy, many media outlets refer to Santa Barbara as the “American Riviera.” Besides a Mediterranean climate, the city can see up to 40 inches of rain a year and even dry seasons can produce a half foot of rainfall.

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There is no better place for vinyl patio covers than Santa Barbara. Imagine the hottest afternoon or the rainiest evening and still being able to sit outside and enjoy your outdoor environments. Think of the many barbecues you reconsidered because the sun was beating too hard. What about the many times you didn’t go out because the rain had left chairs and tabletops wet and uncomfortable?

When your Santa Barbara home has a vinyl patio cover, you are giving your outdoor spaces new functionality. You are minimizing the surroundings exposure to sun, ensuring the area is cooler and shaded, and that your furnishings will not be overheated from sitting in the sun. You guarantee that after a rainfall you will be able to sit outside because the area will be relatively dry. In fact, you, your family and your guests could enjoy the patio during a light to moderate rain, relaxing under the patio cover with your mobile devices, board games and a pitcher of fresh lemonade.

Vinyl Concepts has been trying to get the word on vinyl patio covers to everyone in Santa Barbara. From its eco-friendly properties and affordability to its near maintenance free life cycle, vinyl patio covers have been changing the way the savvy Santa Barbara homeowner lives. If you give Vinyl Concepts a call, you will get a FREE estimate and discover how a vinyl patio cover will change your life.