Overview of the Vinyl Fabrication Process

The vinyl fabrication process is a critical element in creating building products that are strong, good looking, and long lasting.

Vinyl fences, gates, patio covers and gazebos are typically created by fabricating and assembling various profiles into the end use product.

High quality vinyl fabrication includes sophisticated design, cutting, routing, drilling, reinforcing, and assembly.

The designs created by fabrication must be high quality and must address the expansion, contraction, and environmental variables experienced over many years in real world applications.

One of the important tools in vinyl fabrication is the CNC (computer numeric controlled) routing machine. Proper use of tools helps create vinyl products that work well in actual field conditions.

Common Parts of the Fabrication Process

  • Posts (patio covers and fencing): Posts are the main vertical structural supports of fencing and patio covers that are attached to the ground and support beams, rafters, rails and pickets. Posts can be set in concrete footings, or if properly engineered, may be attached using a variety of other methods.
  • Rails (fencing): Rails are the horizontal members of the fencing panel spanning between posts that usually hold the vertical pickets or planks.
  • Beams (patio covers): Beams are the horizontal structural rails that go between the posts and support rafters. Beams can be attached to the post internally using an engineered connection system or bolted through from the sides of the posts. Different sizes and designs are available, depending on application and requirement.
  • Rafters (patio covers): Rafters typically span from the home across the beam, and create a platform that holds the horizontal shade pickets, lattice, louvers, or solid top.
  • Pickets, Planks, and Lattice (patio covers and fencing): Pickets (patio covers) are the horizontal members that create the desired shade on patio covers. They can be mounted to the top of the rafters or routed as purlins between the rafters. Many sizes are available. Pickets or planks (fencing) are typically the vertically oriented pieces that create the barrier to entry / exit and or privacy if required.

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