5 Reasons to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

The right to privacy is a basic condition that everybody wants. Installing a vinyl privacy fence can help you find a certain degree of freedom.

Here are 5 reasons why homeowners and businesses decide to install a vinyl fence.

Reason #1: Privacy

One of the best reasons to install a new fence is privacy. Vinyl fencing is ideal for replacing your old wood fence because of the strength it possesses. And in a fence for privacy, the strength of vinyl is what will make this fence last season after season. Vinyl is 5x the tensile strength of wood and has 4x the flexibility! Because of this flexibility, vinyl is ideal for fencing around pastures, as it can hold the weight of a leaning animal.

For those the DIY types who embrace weekend projects, sure it is possible to install your own fence for privacy. Vinyl fencing often comes with instructions that will walk you through the entire process of installation, which can be done with a leveler, tape measure, posthole digger and a little muscle. But the other option for installing a fence for privacy in vinyl is to hire a professional. The crew at Vinyl Concepts can help.

Reasons #2-4: Safety, Aesthetics, Cost

When it’s time to replace a wood fence and you want privacy, a vinyl fence is a great way to go about it. Not only is it a great deal stronger, but as a fence for privacy, vinyl is safer, it looks better and is quite cost effective in the long run. At the onset, putting up a vinyl fence can amount to the same price as real wood, depending on style and type but in the long run vinyl is about one third the cost of real wood. A fence like this – and the fact that it far outlasts a wood fence – is the ideal investment into your home.

Reason #5: Maintenance

A hidden benefit of a fence for privacy in vinyl is that it will be resistant to graffiti. Paint does not adhere well to a vinyl surface, which helps to keep your fence from becoming a target for unwanted markings. This benefit also means that your fence will give privacy and beauty, as the vinyl is colored all the way through. Color won’t be chipped or scratched off. Additionally, the fence will never need to be painted. Talk about maintenance free!

Around your garden, your home, or your pastures, adding a fence for privacy and beauty can be done easily with the help of Vinyl Concepts.

Do your part for your home and for the environment with a vinyl privacy fence that has been recycled from scraps. Vinyl Concepts recycles tons of scrap vinyl every month and grounds it to make new material – enough to construct 1000 lineal feet of ranch fencing.

A great fence that is eco-friendly makes for the perfect combination to add to your home!