Tired of the neighbors peeking in when you have a party? Feeling a little “exposed” every time you’re outside watering your flowers? Perhaps now is the time to have a privacy fence installed.

Vinyl Concepts has been in the business of installing privacy fences for twenty years now. We have a complete line of fences to choose from along with reliable, professional service that you won’t find anywhere else in this business! Vinyl Concepts is the most experienced and educated company in the industry.

If you are in the market for a privacy fence, Vinyl Concepts has all the answers you need. We produce privacy fence in several styles, colors and sizes, as well as custom-designing a fence. Our solid privacy fence has the broadest tongue and groove boards with U-channels secured at the posts for extra privacy and unmatched strength. Our six foot solid privacy fence can withstand gusts of wind of up to 132mph! All of our privacy fences are offered in just about any size and are built by us, which means that they can be built to your exact specifications. Not only can you have a one-of-a-kind privacy fence, but you can also have all the convenience you’ve been wanting.

In addition to providing top quality privacy fence, we are also actively taking measures to ensure a healthier environment. We are committed to being as “green” as possible in our practices and have implemented many programs to ensure this is happening. All of our vinyl-PVC-materials require no painting, staining or any other chemical treatment. We also recycle over 4,000lbs (that’s two tons!) of scrap PVC, or vinyl, material each and every month. That is equal to 1,000 feet of fencing being spared from the landfills. All of this recycled material is reground into re-useable material for making new building materials. Additionally, all of our facilities have been re-fitted with energy-efficient lighting and equipment. All of these things add up to an environmentally-friendly company. We truly do care abut the environment as you do.

We take pride in our up-to-date knowledge of the privacy fence industry. We are committed to this business and strive to do all we can to maintain customer loyalty and trust. This includes being honest and reliable. If we say we’ll be there, we will be there on time. If we say we’ll get the job done, we will get the job done. All of the craftsmen who install the privacy fence are hired directly by Vinyl Concepts, ensuring you a dedicated and knowledgeable person. It is important to us that you are satisfied and we take your project very seriously. Because we rely strongly on our customer’s good reports to their friends, referring them to us, we take your satisfaction very seriously. We have always been known to provide excellent customer service. We want you to experience this is as well. Your privacy fence is important to you and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the product offered by Vinyl Concepts. In Southern California, we are your one-stop solid or partial privacy fence stop!