Ojai’s Number One Provider of Vinyl Patio Covers

If you have a home in Ojai, California, there is no better solution for protecting and enjoying your patio than with a vinyl patio cover.

Ojai's Number One Provider of Vinyl Patio Covers

Vinyl Concepts isn’t just a provider of this high quality installation. We are staunch promoters of its benefits. And we’re not alone. Throughout Southern California, homeowners, architects, engineers, homeowners associations and property management companies are joining the ranks. They have come to see the advantages over other materials.

To start, vinyl is a economically sound option. It is on record for lasting almost five times longer than other materials. That means if your aluminum patio cover will hold up for a good five years, at the least, a vinyl patio cover will still be standing strong for 20. And it must be noted to get that good first five years from aluminium, expect to invest in maintaining its performance, which includes regular painting.

Aluminum and metal cannot promise the durability and functionality of vinyl. Certainly not with the minimal maintenance required for vinyl. Vinyl patio covers won’t succumb to the weather, warping, rotting, fading or any of the other issues you’d have to worry about with other materials. The fact is choosing a vinyl patio cover will be one of the smartest investments you’ll make for your outdoor spaces.

Vinyl Concepts is a leader in the field of vinyl patio covers. That’s because we believe in them. We believe in their practicality, their flexibility and their affordability. We have satisfied customers — from contractors to homeowners — who have appreciated the counsel and care our trained techs have put in their projects, resulting in a fresh entertainment space. Contact us to schedule a FREE estimate for turning your outdoor spaces around with a vinyl patio cover.