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… everyone made me feel as if there was no hurry. Since I really had no idea what I was doing that was really nice. It didn’t matter who I got on the phone, they walked me through all my thoughts and concerns. Now I have a lovely patio cover. Of course it looks like now my house will be the regular meeting place for our book club, but I guess that’s okay. My house. Let them bring the wine. — Amanda, Oak Park

We love hearing these stories. We share them with the techs and designers that worked on the job. While every job gets the highest level of service, at the end of the day, these stories remind us Vinyl Concepts is about customer satisfaction.

Southern California's top provider of vinyl patio covers

We love our job and providing vinyl patio covers for great places like Oak Park. If you’re living out there and have a patio cover, you certainly can’t imagine being without one. But if you don’t have a vinyl patio cover, you’re missing out. Vinyl patio covers provide the protection you want when outdoors, but they also have a range of advantages you won’t get with other materials. We’re talking a life span that requires minimized maintenance. It doesn’t need to be closely monitored for the types of defects that can result from age, weather and other annoyances.

Vinyl Concepts wants to fill its portfolio with testimonials like Amanda’s. In fact, every project is an attempt to prove we’re Oak Park and all of Southern California’s top provider of vinyl patio covers. That means putting in the work and earning the community’s trust. If, like Amanda, you need to find out what makes vinyl patio covers perfect for Oak Park, give us a call or come by the showroom and get a FREE quote.

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