New Life for Your Newbury Park Home with Vinyl Patio Covers

If you’re living in Newbury Park and you’re considering reinventing your patio, give Vinyl Concepts a call. Let us show you why you not only need a patio cover, but why you should go with a vinyl patio cover.

To start, vinyl patio covers are durable, long lasting products. They require little maintenance unlike other materials which are going to need regular priming and repainting, and risk everything from warping to color fading. Vinyl patio covers have a life span that’s five times longer than other materials. That’s because they can withstand long term conditions that aluminum and metal cannot.

Not sure what kind of patio cover you want

Vinyl patio covers will not only enhance the functionality of your Newbury Park home. These products help prolong the life of your outdoor furnishings. Your chairs, tables and other accessories will have their exposure to sun minimized. A vinyl patio cover will decrease their exposure to the rain. You’ll no longer have to wait for your cushions to dry out. In fact, you can even sit or barbecue under the vinyl patio cover during most unpleasant weather.

Vinyl patio covers come in a broad range of colors and styles. You can even get a look that resembles wood, giving your patio cover an old fashioned look with all the modern trimmings. Add accessories like speakers and hanging plants to personalize the area, and you’ve given the patio a new life that improves the beauty and value of your Newbury Park home in every way.

If it’s time to consider giving your patio a new look, give Vinyl Concepts a call or come by the showroom. We’ll show you all the advantages of installing a vinyl patio cover and why more and more homeowners are doing it through Vinyl Concepts. We’re Southern California’s top provider of vinyl patio covers and ready to prove it.