The Growth of the Vinyl Fence in Los Angeles

It’s been around since the mid-20th century, but the vinyl fence came into its own during the 1980s when all its advantages (low cost, ecological friendliness, low maintenance) grew in popularity. Homeowners loved the idea of the vinyl fence offering years of utility without constant and direct care. In fact, all a vinyl fence needs is a little soap and washing down, and never any priming or painting. Unlike wood or metal, a vinyl fence will never rust, rot or become a nest to termites and ants.

3-ft white picket fence, installed and completed within 3 days

There are neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles that have found vinyl fences to be the practical option. It is the best choice for properties near the sea as vinyl isn’t susceptible to salt water exposure. It is an eco-conscious choice. No waste is involved in its construction. It won’t require the chemicals and abrasives a homeowner might use on wood or metal to sustain them. That means the Los Angeles homeowner cannot only look forward to a fence that requires little work, they can anticipate putting a little extra in the bank because they won’t spend on resources needed to manage a wood or metal fence.

You can get a vinyl fence in a variety of colors and styles. For the homeowner with a flair for the old fashioned, go with a vinyl fence that has a stunning wood finish. Give your property a rustic, classic look without worrying about the work that usually comes with it.

Technology has made vinyl a prime choice when it comes to securing and beautifying a home. If you’re in Los Angeles and shopping for a fence, give Vinyl Concepts a call (310) 783-0044. One of our experienced installers will give you the low down on a FREE estimate and why a vinyl fence is the right choice.