Vinyl Fence For Hidden Valley

Choosing Vinyl Fencing for Your Hidden Valley Home

Whether you’re putting up your first fence or replacing the old one, you may be considering what material to go with. Many might endorse wood as a traditional choice. Vinyl Concepts would argue for purposes of saving money and time, and if you’re in Hidden Valley or any other part of Southern Cali, you should consider a vinyl fence. And here’s why:

Yes, wood provides a classic look. Still, wood is going to need regular staining and painting to retain that look. Otherwise you run the risk of rotting or fungus. Wood will constantly need treatment to prevent warping, splitting and other damage that can result from changes in temperature. Insects will always be a problem.

Not sure what kind of fence you want

Vinyl fences have an incredible range of looks, including one that simulates wood. That means having the advantages of vinyl without all the disadvantages of wood. A vinyl fence doesn’t require staining or painting. They will not succumb to hazards like fungus or dry rot. They are fire resistant, will not crack or split and are impervious to infestation. Vinyl is also easy to clean because of its non-porous, glossy surface.

Vinyl Concepts has been promoting vinyl fences to homeowners, architects and contractors from Encino to Hidden Valley. We wouldn’t do it unless we were confident that it’s the perfect solution. Vinyl fences provide privacy, security and allure. Contact us or drop by the showroom. Or set up an appointment and let one of our installers come out and assess your situation for FREE.