Privacy Fence‎ For Camarillo

Privacy Fences Offer Camarillo Far More Than Privacy

Camarillo is part of a group of communities in Ventura County. Website SafeWise calls Camarillo one of the safest cities in California. Nestled safely between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, Camarillo is noted as the perfect place to settle down in if you want small town charm and big city sensibility. The city has an exceptional school system, a highly educated workforce, affordable and beautiful housing, and the kind of dining, shopping and entertainment that fit a range of tastes.

From many windows, you can see gorgeous mountains bordering the city limits. Folks here love to laze about the yard behind their privacy fences. Enjoying a glass of lemonade or a Martini after a long day, or reading a book and entertaining guests.

A privacy fence, you say?

Semi privacy style vinyl fence going down the hillside. Pickets are 1 x 6 inch with .75 inch spacing.
Semi privacy style vinyl fence going down the hillside. Pickets are 1 x 6 inch with .75 inch spacing.

Yes, a privacy fence.

Some might ask why anyone would need a privacy fence in one of the safest places in Cali.

Privacy fences are far more than an additional layer of safety. A quality privacy fence reinvigorates your yard, turning it into an extended outdoor living space. Its ideal if your property is too close to neighbors, businesses, roads, highways or schools. It’s a good idea if you enjoy sunbathing, have a pool or hot tub and prefer the seclusion a privacy fence affords.

Privacy is about being able to enjoy your outdoor spaces and minimize the impact the surroundings beyond your borders affect that enjoyment. They set boundaries, especially where there are no true landmarks to show where property ends. Privacy fences enhance the resale value of property. They create an intimate setting that politely excludes everyone that shouldn’t be there.

Vinyl Concepts knows why a privacy fence around your Camarillo home makes perfect sense. If you’re — forgive the pun — on the fence, give us a call, discuss the possibilities and get a FREE quote.