Camarillo Vinyl Patio Cover

Breathe New Life Into Your Camarillo Home with a Vinyl Patio Cover

I recently became the proud owner of my parents’ Camarillo home. Life in New York was good, but being from Camarillo, we always talked about going back. We wanted the kids to have what we had. We also thought it’d be nice if we lived closer to both sets of grandparents instead of having to make 2,500 mile trips.

My husband’s a realtor and had a colleague in Encino give the place a quick inspection. Just to see what work we were looking at. We were impressed with the photos and report we got. Sure, the place was a little creaky, but it was still beautiful.

One concern we did have was the patio cover. It was beyond saving. First, it was aluminum, which my hubby said was an odd choice for Camarillo. It was an expensive option and the material was heavy, designed for things like heavy snow, which really wasn’t a worry in South Cali. On top of that, weather and neglect had done its worst. Pictures showed where rust had set in, leaving surfaces cracked and split. There were huge sections where the color had faded to pale shades. My husband said aluminum patio covers required a lot of work and Dad probably wasn’t up to the task.

The solution turned out to be a simple one. My hubby’s friend suggested we go with a vinyl patio cover. It’s easier to manage, cost less and was perfect for Camarillo weather. Second, he gave us Vinyl Concepts’s phone number.

Not sure what kind of patio cover you want

I talked to Vinyl Concepts and was impressed with their experience and courtesy. They had a rep go to the house and sent us a FREE estimate on a vinyl patio cover. In no time at all, a fresh batch of pictures of the finished work was in my excited hands. It was breath-taking!

Now we’re wondering how soon we can get back to Camarillo to enjoy that patio.