Attached Patio Cover – City of Camarillo

Camarillo? Patio Covers? Yes or No?

Let’s take a look at the weather in Camarillo for a sec.

On average, there are over 250 days of beautiful sunny weather in Camarillo. The summer high is around 81 degrees, though anyone will tell you that’s a friendly estimate. The fact is there are days when you could stand in the middle of a street, suck air through a straw and feel the burn in your throat. Yes, it can get that hot.

Louver style. Flush. Heaters and fan attached.
Louver style. Flush. Heaters and fan attached.

Rain is also pretty common. It can be expected, but often it’s sudden. While there’s a good share of heavy rain, most of it is mild to moderate, offering a little relief from the heat.

If you live in Minneapolis, you’d probably say folks living in Camarillo should count their blessings. They’d agree. But that doesn’t make standing in a yard under near three-digit heat easier to bear. Like most people, Camarillo residents love enjoying the sun. Until they don’t want to.

That’s the benefit of patio covers. A patio cover lets you enjoy your outdoor living spaces the way you see fit. With the right installation, you control how much shade you expose your yard to. You ensure that when you step outside, your line of vision won’t be hindered by glare. Your kids will spend less time sitting and playing under UV rays. Even if it were to light or moderately rain, you could still go out and not worry about getting wet. They let you enjoy your spaces more.

There’s nothing about patio covers that don’t offer benefits to your Camarillo home. Vinyl Concepts has been installing them throughout Ventura County for over 20 years. We can show you how to put together a design that supplies the shade you need where you want it. Give us a call and get a FREE quote on patio covers for Camarillo today.