Mixed or Custom Vinyl Patio Covers

Sometimes customers want a custom patio cover that mixes 2 styles to gain all their benefits.

For example, the upper portion of the patio cover extending from the house may have a solid top whereas the lower portion will have a picket top or louvered top. Another scenario could be a patio cover whose center section has a solid top versus a louvered top or picket top for the left and right sections.

Or customers may want us customize the frames, rafters, posts and beams in various styles and heights to accommodate special custom features and outdoor accessories like lights, fans and shades.

Whatever you have in mind, we can build and install a one-of-a-kind mixed patio cover to meet the demands of a specific custom application while ensuring the final product is up to code.

Photos of Mixed or Custom Patio Cover Installations

Browse photos of mixed or custom vinyl patio cover installations by Vinyl Concepts. Contact us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to see more photos.

Options for Custom Shade Patio Covers

We can accessorize a custom patio cover with a wide selection of options. Options include skylights, fans, LED lights, heaters, and can even be designed to carry solar panels. Contact us at (877) 528-4695 or visit any of our showrooms to view pictures of these accessories.