Why I Go With Vinyl Patio Covers and Vinyl Concepts

I moved to Ventura in the late 2000s and I’ve never been happier. But then I’ve been pure Southern Californian since college. I attended Woodbury University in Burbank before beginning a contracting career that’s led to my own firm in the valley.

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My first association with Vinyl Concepts was exceptional. They installed a vinyl patio cover at my home. My original plan was to work with an installer that I’d done work with on professional projects. But a relative recommended Vinyl Concepts. They’d done a couple of vinyl patio covers in her neighborhood and apparently everyone was giddy with their work.

I was torn. I could go with the company I’d partnered with for years or go with the recommendation. Unfortunately, the guys at Vinyl Concepts didn’t make it easy. They were friendly, courtesy and, man, they knew their stuff. I was learning about vinyl patio covers like never before. For instance,  I didn’t know vinyl was stronger than metal or aluminum and lasted five times longer. I knew vinyl was practically maintenance free, but I didn’t know that it won’t oxidize like aluminum.

Worse — and I mean that in a good way — Vinyl Concepts came in way under the other guy price-wise. So filled with guilt, the choice was obvious. It only became more so as I watched Vinyl Concepts’s team at work. It was my home so I was the customer, but I had a professional contractor’s eye on the proceedings. And I admit I was impressed. I didn’t see any of the nitpicks that most of my customers brought to me about my regular guy. In fact, I saw nothing to complain about at all.

Today, I recommend Vinyl Concepts and vinyl patio covers to anyone in Ventura and beyond looking to perk up their homes. And I tell them why. You should give Vinyl Concepts a call and get a FREE estimate.

– Vinyl Concepts satisfied customer from Ventura, CA