Dog Fencing Thousand Oaks

In 1992, Thousand Oaks adopted the Los Angeles Title 10 animal control laws. For the beautiful city of Thousand Oaks, this was an opportunity to provide greater care for their canine family members. One of the most considerate ways a homeowner can show love and care for their dogs is with a comfortable and safe fenced area to roam outdoors. Vinyl is the perfect material for a dog fence for many reasons.

Dog Safety

Many dogs have habits that make traditional fencing dangerous. Wire and split rail fences can elicit these bad habits. Dogs that love to scratch and rub along fence railings can get nasty splinters and skin injuries. Vinyl fences only have smooth surfaces that resist abrasions including nail scratch marks.

Other dogs see materials like wire or lattice as an opportunity to chew and pull. This causes mouth sores, and a shabby, worn look to a fence. Vinyl fences require no additional wire barriers. Decorative vinyl lattice is stout and will always retain its factory shape.

Dog Fencing Thousand Oaks

Minimizing Nervousness And Barking

A huge concern for residents of Thousand Oaks is excessive barking of neighbor dogs. Most often, barking and other forms of unwanted dog behavior, is caused by nervousness. Traditional fences will provide a barrier, but can confuse dogs. They are excited about the world around them, but have no other way to interact and respond to activities happening off the property than to bark. Vinyl privacy fences give a dog a beautiful barrier than turns their focus to activities within the enclosure. Dogs always feel more relaxed when they are the masters of their own private spaces. Tall, beautiful vinyl fences accomplish this.

Yard Improvement

There is no reason a backyard should look undesirable simply because of the need for a good dog fence. A custom vinyl dog fence not only creates a safe and secure dog environment, but it improves the aesthetic value of a home. The incredible lifespan of vinyl also minimizes the expense of having a beautiful border, even with a dog that has certain special traits.

Call Vinyl Concepts today for a free instant estimate of how vinyl fencing can make having a dog more pleasurable. If you wish to explore the full variety of vinyl dog fences that we offer, feel free to schedule a visit to our warehouse. Rover and the entire family deserve the home improvement that vinyl brings.