How To Choose a Vinyl Patio Cover

When you think of your patio, the best thing you can do is to look at it as another room in your stylish home. The outdoor areas around our home are simply an extension of what is inside, and adding a vinyl patio cover over the slab or deck in the back yard can enhance the functionality of the space immensely. A patio cover increases the amount of use you can get from the patio from season to season.

To begin choosing a patio cover that will work for you, think about what you use the outdoor space for.

  • Does your patio house a grill, table and some chairs?
  • Is it used mainly for dining or do you also have a sitting area with comfortable lounge chairs used on sunny days?
  • Do you have a fire pit located on your patio?

Having a solid understanding of how you wish to use your space will be your best guide in designing your patio cover.

In years past, a patio cover on just about any home on the block would be constructed of wood. As we have all learned over the years, while a wood patio cover can give a home a specific look with a unique appeal; it also comes with a certain amount of maintenance that can take up the precious time we don’t have much of anymore.

For this reason, a patio cover made of high quality materials that are maintenance free is a much better option for today’s homeowner. Keeping with the design of your home, and with the function your outdoor area provides, a vinyl patio cover can be designed to match your needs. The professionals at Vinyl Concepts have plenty of experience they can share with you to get the job done right.

Your new vinyl patio cover can be a solid unit, keeping all sunlight and rain from coming in and reeking havoc on your outdoor gatherings. Or if you prefer to have some sun peeking through, you can choose a patio cover that is slatted. Either design is available using vinyl materials, keeping you free from having to perform laborious maintenance on your valuable weekend time.

A patio cover that is made of high quality rigid vinyl will not warp, decay or rot. Additionally, it will be UV resistant and eco-friendly.

Our vinyl patio covers require no poisonous chemical treatments or VOC laden paints or stains to maintain its beauty, which means that the green building product does not make an impact on the environment that will further break it down.

Your home can and should have a patio cover. Built directly off the back of the home, a patio cover can even help to lower those summer electric bills by shading the windows on the back of the home. Having a covered outdoor area gives you more room in which to spend your down time with friends and family, and increases the overall value of your home.

Start your patio project today with the help of Vinyl Concepts.