Best Vinyl Patio Covers for Oxnard

Vinyl Concepts Builds Oxnard’s Best Vinyl Patio Covers

If you’re lucky enough to have a vinyl patio cover on your Oxnard property, you already know all its advantages.

Maintenance free, UV reflector, shade provider, furniture protector, these are all characteristics of a professional installation. You can expect durability and strength that will last up to five times longer than options like metal and aluminum.

Not sure what kind of patio cover you want

Vinyl Concepts is one of vinyl patio covers biggest advocates. We’ve been promoting the benefits of these materials to Oxnard homeowners, landscapers, engineers, architects, property management companies and HOAs. And the fact is it’s becoming easier and easier because more and more are seeing what makes vinyl patio covers a great choice. Vinyl is one of the most dependable materials in the world. Should you ever decide to replace a vinyl patio cover (and you likely wouldn’t), it would go back into the system for recycling. That makes it one of the most eco-friendly choices you can make.

Vinyl patio covers are a durable and flexible option that will never rust or rot through long term weather exposure or age. There won’t be insect infestation or deterioration that results in splitting, warping or fading. They are designed to keep patios cooler and shaded. Protect your furnishings from long term exposure to UV rays. They’re engineered to hold up against strong winds. You can even sit outside in less than favorable weather with a cover over your head.

With a vinyl patio cover, you’re turning your outdoor spaces into an exciting new family room. Set up your WiFi to watch the game or a movie under a cooling patio instead of sitting in the house and running your HVAC systems.

Vinyl Concepts wants you to come into the showroom and see our portfolio of successful vinyl patio cover projects. After, let one of our techs give you a FREE estimate for turning your Oxnard patio into a new environment.