Hidden Valley

Vinyl Concepts, Hidden Valley & Vinyl Patio Covers: The Perfect Trio

Located in Ventura County, Hidden Valley boasts a range of stunning homes and ranches. It’s bordered by Newbury Park, Lake Sherwood and the Santa Monica Mountains. The exclusive Sherwood Country Club has become a haven for CEOs, Hollywood and professional athletes. There is also the world famous signature Jack Nicklaus golf course.

Not sure what kind of patio cover you want

Hidden Valley’s location between water and mountain creates an enviable year round climate. But there can be a lot of sun (it is Southern California!). This can make sitting outside on the patio a chore. It is ironic that the very weather that can draw you to a beauteous home can also stop you from enjoying it fully.

That’s why we at Vinyl Concepts promote the advantages of vinyl patio covers. There is no better way to maximize the functionality of your home’s outdoor spaces. Vinyl patio covers will noticeably cool areas currently sitting under direct sunlight. They can protect occupants from long term exposure to UV rays. Vinyl patio covers will not only prolong the life of your outdoor furnishings, they will make them easier to utilize. i.e., Chairs and tabletops will no longer be overheated nor will they get wet in the rain.

Vinyl patio covers are an ideal solution for Hidden Valley and Vinyl Concepts is ready to prove it. Come into the showroom or contact us online and talk with one of our seasoned techs. The consultation and estimate are FREE and it will be the first step to changing the way you use your patio.