Vinyl Gate Camarillo

Why Camarillo Homes Will Love Vinyl Gates

If you’re putting in a gate, you want to make all the right choices. It will have a definitive impact on your home’s appearance, functionality and value. It can also affect your budget. Not just the installation. If you pick certain materials, expect to spend on continued maintenance throughout the life of the gate.

Arched top rail single vinyl privacy gate. Gate stop above and below latch.
Arched top rail single vinyl privacy gate. Gate stop above and below latch.

There are plenty of reasons why Vinyl Concepts advocates vinyl gates for Camarillo. First off, a vinyl gate will not need a wood base. Many fences do, and right there you open yourself up to the many needs of wood, including avoidance of rotting and infestation. Vinyl is a strong, environmentally friendly product that won’t need any painting or priming, and certainly won’t ever become a hotel for insects. That right there means savings on products and services to maintain it. The weather will not minimize the gate’s performance as vinyl isn’t susceptible to moisture, fading, cracking and other adverse damage.

Vinyl is far more flexible than other materials. Unlike wood or metal, the range of styles can match the exact image you have in mind. There’s a broad range of colors, even a simulated wood, that won’t ever need to be repainted. Vinyl is durable, holding under conditions that break wood or aluminum. Waterproof, it’s excellent for seaside and pool areas. We especially recommend it for any property that has exposure to the harsh humidity and salt water near beaches.

With little maintenance, you can keep a vinyl gate looking as good as the day of installation. No decomposing, no rot, no rust. If you have pets or wandering animals like squirrels, most scratches won’t even show up on surfaces.

The depth of advantages to having a vinyl gate in Camarillo cannot be measured. We’d be glad to tell you more. Give us a call or come our Ventura showroom and get a FREE quote.