Vinyl Patio Covers Camarillo

Vinyl Patio Covers: Camarillo’s Year-Round Answer

Camarillo is a city with a Mediterranean type climate. Sitting in the middle of a coastal valley, it enjoys ocean breezes and a year round temp average of about 70 degrees. With an average humidity in the low sixties, Camarillo can see up to 300 days of sun a year. Between its coldest months — November and February — the region may get almost 13 inches in rainfall.

Vinyl Patio Cover Camarillo

That’s a lot of sun and rain to subject your patio to. That beating sun and the potential rain is going to have an impact that you may not even think about. On a beautiful day, the sun can be a little too much. We end up staying inside, bulking up our utility bills running air conditioning systems. On rainy days, we can’t go out on the patio at all. And even after the skies clear, our outdoor chairs and tables are wet and the entire area overall uncomfortable.

That’s why Vinyl Concepts wants every homeowner in Camarillo to have a vinyl patio cover. This is a solution that turns your outdoor areas into year round hot spots. When you have a professionally installed vinyl patio cover, you’re pretty much guaranteeing your leisure space is available whenever you want it. Regardless of how it is outside, the patio cover will make the area shaded and cooler. It will protect your furnishings from the harshest sun and rain, prolonging their function. You will even be able to sit outside during light rain, enjoying your outdoor spaces more than you could have ever imagined.

If you’re not getting the most out of your outdoor spaces or if your current covering isn’t performing to par, contact Vinyl Concepts. We’re one of Cali’s top vinyl patio cover providers and ready to show you all the advantages of having one. Get a FREE estimate today!